The Book of War: 25 Centuries of Great War Writing (Repost)

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The Book of War: 25 Centuries of Great War Writing (Repost)

John Keegan, "The Book of War: 25 Centuries of Great War Writing"
English | ISBN: 0670888044 | 1999 | EPUB/MOBI | 608 pages | 1 MB

Acclaimed military historian John Keegan’s anthology of war writing from 25 centuries of battle

In The Book of War, John Keegan marshals a formidable host of war writings to chronicle the evolution of Western warfare through the voice of the most eloquent participants—from Thucydides’ classic account of ancient Greek phalanx warfare to a blow-by-blow description of ground fighting against the Iraqi troops in Kuwait during the Gulf War. Keegan gathers more than eighty selections, including Caesar’s Commentaries on the Roman invasion of Britain; the French Knight Jehan de Wavrin at the battle of Agincourt; Davy Crockett in the war against the Creek; Wellington’s dispatch on Waterloo; Hemingway after Caporetto; and Ernie Pyle at Normandy.

“The best military historian of our generation.” –Tom Clancy

“A monumental piece of literary military history.” –Chicago Tribune

A brilliantly edited and comprehensive anthology."—The New York Times Book Review.