Lick Library - Guitar Giants - John Mayer & Richie Kotzen

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Lick Library - Guitar Giants - John Mayer & Richie Kotzen

Lick Library - Guitar Giants - John Mayer & Richie Kotzen
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This started off as a request for John Mayer's Live : Great Guitar Performances with an add-on of Lick Library's Quick Licks for Richie Kotzen. I noticed I had quite a few odds and ends sitting around in need of a home so I thought, let's have a little fun with this torrent. Heck, it may even start a trend for other Guitar Giant Pairings. Don't ask me why these two got thrown together or start a flame war about who is the better player. They both play with their fingers. They are both the great at what they do. I guess that's enough though it's purely coencidental. Sorry about the lack of description on some of it. Some of this stuff is rare and there's no official package for it per se. I hope you enjoy it and if you have ideas for other player pairings please leave them in the comments section and I will get to work on it.

Guitar World - Richie Kotzen's Lick of the Week

A 23-Week running Article in Guitar World of Video and Tab from the great Richie Kotzen back in the day when he was rippin' it up on the fretboard. He plays each example blazingly fast, then slow, then fast again with comments.
This one's not so rare, but I couldn't find a complete version of it anywhere or maybe there is and I just didn't look hard enough. Sorry about the lousy video quality

Lick Library - Quick Licks - Richie Kotzen

This is a definate treat. For whatever reason. Lick Library offered this for a while and then for some bizarre reason, yanked it without explanation. So I don't know how many copies are circulating, but you definately can't buy this anymore.
But that's alright, cause I'm giving it away. A great representation of licks in his style.

John Mayer Live

The Great Guitar Performances Songbook
Series: Play It Like It Is
Publisher: Cherry Lane Music
Format: Softcover
Artist: John Mayer

Here's a stand-out collection of 14 tracks featured on all three of John Mayer's live albums: Any Given Thursday, As/Is, Where the Light Is. The songbook features note-for-note guitar transcriptions with tablature for: Belief • Blues Intro
• Come When I Call • Comfortable • Covered In Rain • Every Day I Have The Blues • Good Love Is On The Way • Gravity • I'm Gonna Find Another You • Neon • Out Of My Mind • Vultures • Who Did You Think I Was • Why Georgia

Learn to play John Mayer DVD (2 DVD set)
By John Mayer

Learn five tracks note for note, guitar lessons by Michael Casswell This superb DVD will teach you five tracks from this highly acclaimed singer and songwriter… learn each track note for note! Lessons include; Bigger Than My Body • Neon • Slow Dancing In A Burning Room • Gravity • Stop This Train • Michael Casswell is a highly sought after freelance guitarist and producer. He has played and toured with many well known bands and artists as diverse as Brian May, Cozy Powell and Ronan Keating to name just a few. His playing can be heard on numerous film and TV soundtracks.

Lick Library - Guitar Giants - John Mayer & Richie Kotzen

Lick Library - Guitar Giants - John Mayer & Richie Kotzen

Lick Library - Guitar Giants - John Mayer & Richie Kotzen

Lick Library - Guitar Giants - John Mayer & Richie Kotzen

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