Lowell George - Thanks I'll Eat It Here (1979) {Warner Bros} 24-bit/96kHz Vinyl Rip plus Redbook CD Version

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Lowell George - Thanks I'll Eat It Here (1979) {Warner Bros} 24-bit/96kHz Vinyl Rip plus Redbook CD Version

Lowell George - Thanks I'll Eat It Here
Vinyl rip in 24-bit/96kHz | FLAC (5% Recovery) | m3u & Tech Log, no cue | HQ Artwork
662 MB (24/96) + 212 MB (CD) | RAR 5% recovery | DR Analysis | Rock | 1979
Warner Bros BSK 3194 (1979) Original US Pressing

is the only solo album by the late rock and roll singer-songwriter Lowell George, leader of Little Feat. While George is best known for his work with Little Feat, by 1977 Lowell felt that they were moving increasingly into jazz-rock, a form in which he felt little interest. As a result, he began working on his own album. Thanks I'll Eat it Here is an eclectic mix of styles reminiscent of Little Feat's earlier albums - in particular , on which the track "Two Trains" originally appeared. The album was released just before the death of Lowell George in 1979 and has cover art by Neon Park (a feature of almost all Little Feat albums) containing several pop/cult references including a picnic scene, mirroring Edouard Manet's "Le déjeuner sur l'herbe", which shows Bob Dylan, Fidel Castro and Marlene Dietrich as Der Blaue Engel with an open copy of Howl beside them. allmusic 4.5/5 stars

LP track listing

Side One

1. "What Do You Want the Girl to Do" (Allen Toussaint)– 4:46
2. "Honest Man" (Lowell George, Fred Tackett) – 3:45
3. "Two Trains" (Lowell George) – 4:32
4. "Can't Stand the Rain" (Ann Peebles) – 3:21

Side Two

5. "Cheek to Cheek" (Lowell George, Van Dyke Parks, Martin Kibbee) – 2:23
6. "Easy Money" (Rickie Lee Jones) – 3:29
7. "Twenty Million Things" (Lowell George, Jed Levy) – 2:50
8. "Find a River" (Fred Tackett) – 3:45
9. "Himmler's Ring" (Jimmy Webb) – 2:28

Released: 1979
Recorded: 1979
Genre: Rock
Length: 31:19
Label: Warner Bros
Producer: Lowell George


* Lowell George - guitar, vocals
* Bonnie Raitt - vocals
* James Newton Howard - keyboards
* Chuck Rainey - bass
* Denny Christianson - keyboards
* David Foster - keyboards
* Chilli Charles - drums
* Nicky Hopkins - keyboards, horn
* Jim Price - horn
* Jim Keltner - drums
* Jim Gordon - drums
* Michael Baird - drums, bass
* Dennis Belfield - bass
* Bobby Bruce - violin, guitar
* Turner Stephen Bruton - guitar, horn
* Dennis Christianson - horn
* Luis Damian - guitar & keyboards
* Gordon DeWitte - keyboards, piano
* Maxine Dixon - piano
* Arthur Gerst - piano
* Jimmy Greenspoon - guitar, piano
* Roberto Gutierrez - vocals, guitar, drums
* Richie Hayward - drums
* Jerry Jumonville - saxophone, guitar
* Ron Koss - guitar
* Darrell Leonard - horn, vocals
* Maxayn Lewis - vocals
* David Paich - drums
* Jeff Porcaro - drums, guitar
* Dean Parks - guitar & keyboards
* Bruce Paulson - keyboards
* Bill Payne - keyboards, vocals
* Herb Pedersen - vocals
* Joel Peskin - vocals, saxophone
* John Phillips - saxophone, drums
* Peggy Sandvig, Jim Self - drums
* Floyd Sneed - drums, vocals
* J.D. Souther - bass, vocals
* Paul Stallworth - bass, guitar
* Fred Tackett - guitar, vocals
* Maxine Willard Waters - vocals

Little Feat is my all-time favorite band and Lowell George IS Little Feat. While I enjoy the "new" incarnation of the band, the Lowell George era is the real Little Feat.

Lowell George - Thanks I'll Eat It Here
Warner Bros BSK 3194 (1979)
Original US Pressing
24-bit / 96kHz Vinyl Rip by garybx
November 2011


Vinyl condition: Very Good

Deadwax info
Side 1: BSK-1-3194
Side 2: BSK-2-3194

VPI HW-16.5 Record Cleaning Machine
Rega P25 Turntable with GrooveTracer Reference subplatter and acrylic platter
Rega Exact Cartridge
Coda 01 Preamp
Apogee Duet 2 external USB audio interface
MacBook Pro Core i5 2.4 GHz for capturing rip
Sound Studio 4.2 recording software
Mac Pro Dual Quad-Core Xeon 2.8 GHz for processing
ClickRepair 3.4.5 and Amadeus Pro 2.0.3 for de-click (manual mode only)
iZotope RX Advanced 2.0 for Redbook conversion
xACT 2.13 for Redbook SBE correction
XLD Version 20111015 (136.4) for FLAC conversion

RCM > TT > Exact > Coda preamp > ADC > Macbook Pro > Sound Studio @ 24/96 >
analyze (no clipping, DC Bias offset correction) > Amadeus Pro > split into individual tracks > ClickRepair > click repair in manual mode > FLAC encoded Level 8 with XLD

No DeNoise was used on this rip.
All de-clicking software used in full manual mode to preserve musical transients.
No music was harmed in the making of this vinyl rip.
No silence been removed, please burn gapless to match original track layout.

You are free to share this along with credit
"Rip by garybx"

Lowell George - Thanks I'll Eat It Here (1979) {Warner Bros} 24-bit/96kHz Vinyl Rip plus Redbook CD Version

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Lowell George - Thanks I'll Eat It Here (1979) {Warner Bros} 24-bit/96kHz Vinyl Rip plus Redbook CD Version

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