The Rasmus - The Rasmus (2012)

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The Rasmus - The Rasmus (2012)

The Rasmus - The Rasmus (2012)
MP3 CBR 320kbps | 01:09:55 | ~187.5 Mb | Scans included
Alternative Rock, Pop-Rock | Country: Finland (Helsinki)

The Rasmus is the eighth, self-titled studio album by the Finnish rock band The Rasmus, which was released in Finland on 18 April 2012. The album received two EMMA (Finnish Grammy) awards for "Best Album Cover" & "Best Music Video (I’m a Mess)". After Lauri Ylönen finished touring for his debut solo album, the band entered the studio in the summer of 2011 to begin writing and recording their eighth studio album. On February 25, 2012 The Rasmus debuted the lead single "I'm a Mess" at the finals of UMK in Finland. The song was released on March 5, 2012. In February the band announced that the upcoming album would be self-titled, and would be released on April 18. 'The Rasmus' is set to be re-issued in Autumn 2012, featuring a new track titled 'Mysteria', which will also be released as a single.

Starting on Autumn of 2009, Lauri Ylönen wrote songs with Pauli Rantasalmi in Singapore, with the intention of composing the new album, but ended in a more electronical form, songs that were added into the Lauri Ylönen's debut solo album New World, an album with Daft Punk production influences. An electronic sound can be noted in the album. Lauri Ylönen Said that they wanted to go back to the sound from the Into era, while the bassist Eero Heinonen, said: "Some songs from the next album would be ballads, other songs would have strong realist lyrics, but i'm sure that the fans will love it".

Lauri Ylönen – vocals
Pauli Rantasalmi – guitar
Eero Heinonen – bass
Janne Heiskanen – drums

The Rasmus - The Rasmus (2012)

Track List (Tour Edition, 00:58:31):
2012, 136.94 Mb + 23.67 Mb (Scans), Universal Music Group (3721151)

01. Stranger (03:58)
02. I'm A Mess (04:12)
03. It's Your Night (03:37)
04. Save Me Once Again (04:35)
05. Someone's Gonna Light You Up (03:43)
06. End Of The Story (04:10)
07. You Don't See Me (03:12)
08. Somewhere (05:28)
09. Friends Don't Do Like That (04:26)
10. Sky (04:00)

Bonus Tracks:
11. Mysteria (03:35)
12. Stranger (Felix Zenger Beatbox Remix) (03:17)
13. Stranger Wanderer (Remix By DJ Tuhat) (03:31)
14. Sky (Piano By Aynsley Green) (03:51)
15. Save Me Once Again (Piano By Aynsley Green) (02:47)

Track List (Amazon Edition, 00:07:22):
2012, 11.71 Mb, 204-214 kbps, Universal Music Group

11. I'm A Mess (Accoustic) (03:45)
12. Stranger (Accoustic) (03:36)

Track List (Japanese Limited Edition, 00:04:02):
2012, 15.56 Mb, 235 kbps, Universal Music (UICO-1236)

11. Mess-Avalanche (Re-Vamped By Pauli Rantasalmi) (04:02)