Commercial Aviation Safety

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Commercial Aviation Safety

Commercial Aviation Safety by Alexander T. Wells
English | 2001 | ISBN: 0071374108, 0071577165 | 463 Pages | PDF | 1.6 MB

This is a comprehensive overview of the airline industry safety statistics, standards and mandates. It covers FAA regulatory structure, development of aircraft technologies, management roles, air transport safety measurement methods - and more. The book is structured upon 5-M model of "man, machine, medium, mission, management". Key features include: safety data analysis - all tables and discussion relating to commercial aviation accident statistics current through 1999; analysis of major accidents and safety trends evolved since writing of last edition revised and expanded; advances in air traffic system becoming operational - current review and discussion applied; current and future developments in aircraft technologies included; interface between maintenance/engineering and flight operations presented; NTSB safety initiatives evolved since second edition in response to major aircraft accidents; a new chapter takes on recent most significant changes in direction and emphasis ever to affect aviation security; and international scope.