Modeling of Dynamic Systems (repost)

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Modeling of Dynamic Systems (repost)

Lennart Ljung, Torkel Glad, "Modeling of Dynamic Systems"
English | 1994-05-05 | ISBN: 0135970970 | 376 pages | scan PDF | 9.2 mb

Written by a recognized authority in the field of identification and control, this book draws together into a single volume the important aspects of system identification AND physical modelling.

Explores techniques used to construct mathematical models of systems based on knowledge from physics, chemistry, biology, etc. (e.g., techniques with so called bond-graphs, as well those which use computer algebra for the modeling work). Explains system identification techniques used to infer knowledge about the behavior of dynamic systems based on observations of the various input and output signals that are available for measurement. Shows how both types of techniques need to be applied in any given practical modeling situation. Considers applications, primarily simulation. For practicing engineers who are faced with problems of modeling.