Language Myths and the History of English

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Language Myths and the History of English

Richard J. Watts, "Language Myths and the History of English"
English | ISBN: 0195327608 | 2011 | 352 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Language Myths and the History of English aims to deconstruct the myths that are traditionally reproduced as factual accounts of the historical development of English. Using concepts and interpretive sensibilities developed in the field of sociolinguistics over the past 40 years, Richard J. Watts unearths these myths and exposes their ideological roots. His goal is not to construct an alternative discourse, but to offer alternative readings of the historical data. Watts raises the question of what we mean by a linguistic ideology, and whether any discourse―a hegemonic discourse, an alternative discourse, or even a deconstructive discourse―can ever be free of it. The book argues that a naturalized discourse is always built on a foundation of myths, which are all too easily taken as true accounts.