Tracking Truth: Knowledge, Evidence, and Science (Repost)

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Tracking Truth: Knowledge, Evidence, and Science (Repost)

Sherrilyn Roush, "Tracking Truth: Knowledge, Evidence, and Science"
2006 | pages: 248 | ISBN: 0199274738 | PDF | 2,8 mb

Sherrilyn Roush defends a new theory of knowledge and evidence, based on the idea of "tracking" the truth, as the best approach to a wide range of questions about knowledge-related phenomena. The theory explains, for example, why scepticism is frustrating, why knowledge is power, and why better evidence makes you more likely to have knowledge. Tracking Truth provides a unification of the concepts of knowledge and evidence, and argues against traditional epistemological realist and anti-realist positions about scientific theories and for a piecemeal approach based on a criterion of evidence, a position Roush calls "real anti-realism." Epistemologists and philosophers of science will recognize this as a significant original contribution.

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