India's New Economy: Industry Efficiency and Growth (repost)

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India's New Economy: Industry Efficiency and Growth (repost)

India's New Economy: Industry Efficiency and Growth by Jati K. Sengupta, Chiranjib Neogi
English | 2009-01-06 | ISBN: 0230201709 | 279 pages | PDF | 1 mb

Product Description India has seen phenomenal economic growth in recent years and, along with China, is considered one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide. In part, this growth is due to new developments in modern sectors such as information technology, electronics and banking, but India has also seen growth in traditional industry sectors, such as textiles and leather.

Key to analysing India's growth is an understanding of efficiency and of the characteristics of the knowledge economy - these elements are crucial when looking at the evolution and future of the Indian economy and of industry in India.Providing a detailed examination of India's growth with reference to modern growth theory, and applying both econometric and linear programming techniques to evaluate productive efficiency, this book focuses on recent developments in both modern and traditional industry sectors, and also compares India's experience with that of China and other emerging economies in south-east Asia. This comprehensive exploration of India's economic and industrial growth is an essential companion for all interested in the efficiency, growth and productivity in the new Indian economy.

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