Instructor's Solutions Manual to Calculus: A Complete Course

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Instructor's Solutions Manual to Calculus: A Complete Course

Robert A. Adams, "Instructor's Solutions Manual to Calculus: A Complete Course"
English | 2013 | ISBN: 0321781074 | PDF | pages: 712 | 18,3 mb

by R. A. Adams and Chris Essex, published by Pearson Education Canada. For the most part, the solutions are detailed, especially in exercises on core material and techniques. Occasion-ally some details are omitted — for example, in exercises on applications of integration, the evaluation of the integrals encountered is not always given with the same degree of detail as the evaluation of integrals found in those exercises dealing specifically with techniques of in-tegration. Instructors may wish to make these solutions available to their students. However, students should use such solutions with caution. It is always more beneficial for them to attempt ex-ercises and problems on their own, before they look at solutions done by others. If they ex-amine solutions as “study material” prior to attempting the exercises, they can lose much of the benefit that follows from diligent attempts to develop their own analytical powers. When they have tried unsuccessfully to solve a problem, then looking at a solution can give them a “hint” for a second attempt. Separate Student Solutions Manuals for the books are available for students. They contain the solutions to the even-numbered exercises only.

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