A Project-Based Approach to Translation Technology

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A Project-Based Approach to Translation Technology

Rosemary Mitchell-Schuitevoerder, "A Project-Based Approach to Translation Technology "
English | ISBN: 0367138840 | 2020 | 200 pages | PDF | 23 MB

A Project-Based Approach to Translation Technology provides students of translation and trainee translators with a real-time translation experience, with its translation platforms, management systems, and teamwork.
This book is divided into seven chapters reflecting the building blocks of a project-based approach to translation technology. The first chapter identifies the core elements of translation environment tools and collaborative work methods, while Chapters 2 and 4 review the concept of translation memory and terminology databases and their purposes. Chapter 3 covers machine translation embedded in the technology, and the other chapters discuss human and technological quality assurance, digital ethics and risk management, and web-based translation management systems. Each chapter follows a common format and ends with project-based assignments. These assignments draw and build on real-time contexts, covering the consecutive steps in the workflow of large and multilingual translation projects.
Reviewing the many translation technology tools available to assist the translator and other language service providers, this is an indispensable book for advanced students and instructors of translation studies, professional translators, and technology tool providers.