Arguing About Bioethics

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Arguing About Bioethics

Stephen Holland, "Arguing About Bioethics"
English | ISBN: 041547633X, 0415476321 | 2012 | 624 pages | PDF | 3 MB

Arguing About Bioethics is a fresh and exciting collection of essential readings in bioethics, offering a comprehensive introduction to and overview of the field. Influential contributions from established philosophers and bioethicists, such as Peter Singer, Thomas Nagel, Judith Jarvis Thomson and Michael Sandel, are combined with the best recent work in the subject.

Organised into clear sections, readings have been chosen that engage with one another, and often take opposing views on the same question, helping students get to grips with the key areas of debate. All the core issues in bioethics are covered, alongside new controversies that are emerging in the field, including:

embryo research
selecting children and enhancing humans
human cloning
using animals for medical purposes
organ donation
consent and autonomy
public health ethics
resource allocation
developing world bioethics
assisted suicide.
Each extract selected is clear, stimulating and free from unnecessary jargon. The editor’s accessible and engaging section introductions make Arguing About Bioethics ideal for those studying bioethics for the first time, while more advanced readers will be challenged by the rigorous and thought-provoking arguments presented in the readings.