Arab Historians of the Crusades (Repost)

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Arab Historians of the Crusades (Repost)

Francesco Gabrieli, "Arab Historians of the Crusades"
2009 | pages: 254 | ISBN: 0415563321 | PDF | 2,2 mb

The recapture of Jerusalem, the siege of acre, the fall of Tripoli, the effect in Baghdad of events in Syria; these and other happenings were faithfully recorded by Arab historians during the two centuries of the Crusades. First published in English in 1969, this book presents 'the other side' of the Holy War, offering the first English translation of contemporary Arab accounts of the fighting between Muslim and Christian. 

Extracts are drawn from seventeen different authors encompassing a multitude of sources:

- The general histories of the Muslim world,

- The chronicles of cities, regions and their dynasties

- Contemporary biographies and records of famous deeds. 

Overall, this book gives a sweeping and stimulating view of the Crusades seen through Arab eyes.

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