Chest X-Ray Made Easy, 3rd edition

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Chest X-Ray Made Easy, 3rd edition

Chest X-Ray Made Easy, 3rd edition By Jonathan Corne, Kate Pointon
2009 | 184 Pages | ISBN: 0443069220 | PDF | 6 MB

Translated into over a dozen languages, this book has been widely praised for making interpretation of the chest X-ray as simple as possible. It describes the range of conditions likely to be encountered on the wards and guides the doctor through the process of examining and interpreting the film based on the appearance of the abnormality shown. It then assists the doctor in determining the nature of the abnormality and points the clinician towards a possible differential diagnosis. It covers the common radiological problems the junior doctors are faced with starting with the appearance of the film, e.g. showing generalised shadowing or a coin lesion. It gives advice on how to examine an X-ray, how to check its technical quality and how to identify where the lesion is. All the X-rays are accompanied by a simple line diagram outlining where the abnormality is.