Mobile Handset Design (repost)

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Mobile Handset Design (repost)

Sajal Kumar Das, "Mobile Handset Design"
2010 | ISBN-10: 0470824670 | 592 pages | PDF | 3 MB

The evolution of mobile communication standards presents numerouschallenges in mobile handset design. Designers must continue toturn out handsets that maintain high device performance and airinterface compatibility, while at the same time shrink powerconsumption, form factors, and costs. Mobile Handset Design is uniquely written to equipprofessionals and students with a complete understanding of how amobile phone works, and teaches the skills to design the latestmobile handsets. Das walks readers through mobile phone operatingprinciples, system infrastructure, TDMA–FDMA–CDMA–OFDMA techniques,hardware anatomy, software and protocols, and internal modules,components, and circuits. He presents all problems associated withmobile wireless channels and recommends corresponding designsolutions to overcome those issues. Mobile RF front–end, digitalbaseband design techniques, and associated trade–offs are alsocovered. Das also discusses the productization aspects and reviewsnew research developments for different mobile phone systems overgenerations. Teaches basic working principles of legacy and 4G mobilesystems Vividly illustrates and explains all key components and theanatomy of mobile phones Explains all hardware and software blocks, from principle topractice to product Discusses key design attributes such as low power consumptionand slim form factors Moves through all topics in a systematic fashion for easycomprehension Presentation files with lecture notes available for instructoruse This book is essential for practicing software, hardware and RFdesign engineers and product managers working to create innovate,competitive handsets. Mobile Handset Design is also idealfor fresh graduates or experienced engineers who are new to themobile industry, and is well–suited for industry veterans as ahandy reference.