Project Management Handbook, 2nd Edition

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Project Management Handbook, 2nd Edition

David Cleland, David I. Cleland, William R. King, "Project Management Handbook, 2nd Edition"
1988 | ISBN-10: 0471293849 | 1008 pages | PDF | 36 MB

Reader's review :
This is the BIBLE of All project management information…997 pages of specific data, presented in an understandable fashion…Designed as a reference tool as opposed to a book to be read cover to cover…If you have a question or concern about "Project Management" this is the resource to provide you with a game plan.
– Vision, M.D

Table of contents :
Part Introduction (page 1)
Chapter 1 Working with Pulses, not Streams: Using Projects to Capture Opportunity (pages 3–15) Robert D. Gilbreath
Chapter 2Managing Project Interfaces—Key Points for Project Success (pages 16–55) Dr. Peter W. G. Morris
Chapter 3 Integration: The Essential Function of Project Management (pages 56–81) Dr. Linn C. Stuckenbruck
Part Introduction (page 83)
Chapter 4 Organizing the Project Office and Project Team: Duties of Project Participants (pages 85–110) Mr. Russell D. Archibald
Chapter 5 Developing the Role of the Assistant Project Manager by Assessing the Needs of Project Clients (pages 111–125) Mr. Richard L. Patterson
Part Introduction (page 127)
Chapter 6 The Role of Projects in the Implementation of Business Strategy (pages 129–139) William R. King
Chapter 7 Selecting Projects That Maximize Profits (pages 140–164) William E. Souder
Chapter 8 Project Owner Strategic Management of Projects (pages 165–188) Dr. David I. Cleland and William R. King
Part Introduction (page 189)
Chapter 9 Life-Cycle Management (pages 191–205) William R. King and Dr. David I. Cleland
Chapter 10 Behavioral Implications of the Project Life Cycle (pages 206–230) Dr. John R. Adams and Dr. Stephen E. Barnd
Chapter 11 Phasing out the Project (pages 231–250) Herbret F. Spirer and David H. Hamburger
Chapter 12 The Evolution of the Systems Development Life Cycle: An Information Systems Perspective (pages 251–272) William R. King and Ananth Srinivasan
Part Introduction (page 273)
Chapter 13 Project Stakeholder Management (pages 275–301) Dr. David I. Cleland
Chapter 14 Developing and Using the Work Breakdown Structure (pages 302–323) Mr. Garry D. Lavold
Chapter 15 Network Techniques in Project Management (pages 324–373) Joseph J. Moder
Chapter 16 Linear Responsibility Charts in Project Management (pages 374–393) Dr. David I. Cleland and William R. King
Chapter 17 Pricing out the Work (pages 394–410) Dr. Harold Kerzner
Chapter 18 Contracts Development—Keystone in Project Management (pages 411–439) Mr. M. William Emmons
Chapter 19 Developing Winning Proposals (pages 440–475) Dr. Hans J. Thamhain
Part Introduction (page 477)
Chapter 20 Critical Success Factors in Effective Project Implementation (pages 479–512) Jeffrey K. Pinto and Dennis P. Slevin
Chapter 21 Quality Program Management in Project Management (pages 513–532) John L. Heidenreich
Chapter 22 The Legal Standards for Prudent and Efficient Project Management (pages 533–555) Mr. Randall L. Speck
Part Introduction (page 557)
Chapter 23 Project Control: An Introduction (pages 559–596) Mr. James A. Bent
Chapter 24 Project Control: Scope Recognition (pages 597–619) Mr. James A. Bent
Chapter 25 Project Needs and Techniques for Management Audits (pages 620–637) Kenneth O. Chilstrom
Chapter 26 Evaluating the Performance of Project Personnel (pages 638–651) Dr. Harold Kerzner
Chapter 27 Development and Implementation of Project Management Systems (pages 652–691) Mr. Johen Tuman
Chapter 28 Computers in Project Management (pages 692–735) Mr. Harvey A. Levine
Part Introduction (page 737)
Chapter 29 Leadership, Motivation, and the Project Manager (pages 739–770) Dennis P. Slevin and Jeffrey K. Pinto
Chapter 30 Project Teams and the Human Group (pages 771–801) Raymond E. Hill and Trudy L. Somers
Chapter 31 Teamwork—Key to Managing Change (pages 802–822) Dr. Thomas E. Miller
Chapter 32 Team Building in Project Management (pages 823–846) Dr. Hans J. Thamhain
Chapter 33 Some Major Research Findings Regarding the Human Element in Project Management (pages 847–866) Dr. David L. Wilemon and Dr. Bruce N. Baker
Part Introduction (page 867)
Chapter 34 Overview of Project Management Applications (pages 869–901) Michael K. Gouse and Frank A. Stickney
Chapter 35 Factors Affecting Project Success (pages 902–919) Dr. Bruce N. Baker, David C. Murphy and Dalmar Fisher
Chapter 36 Project Management in the Public Sector: Success and Failure Patterns Compared to Private Sector Projects (pages 920–934) Dr. Bruce N. Baker, Dalmar Fisher and David C. Murphy
Chapter 37 Health Project Management in an Occupational Setting (pages 935–970) Laura C. Leviton and Gordon K. MacLeod
Chapter 38 The Cultural Ambience of the Matrix Organization (pages 971–989) Dr. David I. Cleland
Index (pages 991–997)