Instructor's Solutions Manual to Vector Calculus

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Instructor's Solutions Manual to Vector Calculus

Miroslav Lovric, "Instructor's Solutions Manual to Vector Calculus"
English | 2006 | ISBN: 0471725692 | PDF | pages: 493 | 33,6 mb

This manual contains solutions to all exercises from the textbook Vector Calculus by Miroslav Lovric, published by John Wiley & Sons.

In most cases, all details of a solution are given. Occasionally, a related theoretical concept, a method or a formula are recalled in order to make the exposition clearer. Details of evaluation of definite integrals are sometimes skipped and the reader is referred to a table of integrals or advised to use a numeric method or appropriate software. (The objective of this course is not to master a dozen integration techniques but rather to understand what the integral involved is all about.)

It is assumed that students have access to a table of integrals and a calculator. Instructors may wish to encourage their students to use a graphing/programmable calculator or, better yet, appropriate software packages (such as Maple or Mathematica). A separate Students' Solutions Manual, containing solutions to all odd-numbered exercises, is available to students.

In the Students' Solutions Manual the following advice is given to students: "It is far more beneficial to try to solve an exercise on your own. Start, and see how far you can go. If you get stuck, identify the problem first - try to understand why you are having difficulties, and then look up the solution in the manual. This way, you will learn not only what the problem is (or what you have problems with), but also how that particular problem has been resolved. If you just read a solution, you might not recognize the hard part(s) - or, even worse, you might miss the whole point of the exercise."

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