Consumerism and American Girls' Literature, 1860-1940

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Consumerism and American Girls' Literature, 1860-1940

Consumerism and American Girls' Literature, 1860-1940 By Peter Stoneley
Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2003 | 178 Pages | ISBN: 0521821878 | PDF | 3 MB

'Consumerism and American Girl's Literature will be a welcome addition to undergraduate and postgraduate reading in cultural and gender historic studies.' Literature and History '... makes an important contribution to the broader cultural history of American literary production ... Stoneley's exploration of the fissures and cracks of these texts through a cultural analysis of the producer, the mode of production, and consumption is managed with a skill and fluency that is too often missing in academic writing.' Modern Language Review "[A] thoughtful study of how the image of the girl was used in late 19th and earul 20th century American culture.... Stoneley's thoughts on girls and consumerism are noteworthy." Choice "A worthwhile and useful exploration of an important subject." American Historical Review "Peter Stoneley's study of fiction written for and about girls makes a significant contribution to the ongoing investigation of the role that American literature played in the rise of a consumer culture between the last few decades of the nineteenth century and the middle of the twentieth." Journal of the Midwest MLA


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