The Darwin Awards Countdown to Extinction

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The Darwin Awards Countdown to Extinction

The Darwin Awards Countdown to Extinction By Wendy Northcutt
Publisher: Dut ton Adu lt 2010 | 336 Pages | ISBN: 0525951911 | EPUB + PDF | 3 MB + 6 MB

With five previous books and more than 1.5 million copies sold, The Darwin Awards is a pop culture phenomenon. Honoring those who improve the species by accidentally removing themselves from it, The Darwin Awards countdown (to human extinction) is well under way-and we won't exit this mortal coil without one last laugh. In The Darwin Awards Countdown to Extinction, readers will find all-new stories chronicling humans who step onto the lowest rung on the evolutionary ladder, including: Featuring illustrations and brilliant science-of-evolution essays, this latest volume of The Darwin Awards enumerates just how uncommon common sense still is. Wendy Northcutt is a scientist and graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in molecular biology. She began collecting the stories that make up The Darwin Awards in 1993 while working at Stanford University, and is the founder of the popular Web site She is the author five previous Darwin Awards collections.

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