Theologies in the Old Testament

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Theologies in the Old Testament

Erhard S. Gerstenberger, "Theologies in the Old Testament"
2002 | pages: 370 | ISBN: 056708812X | PDF | 47,8 mb

Internationally renowned scholar Erhard Gerstenberger here offers a radical departure from traditional treatments. Rather than a systematic approach to theological topics in the Old Testament, Gerstenberger discusses its various theological voices rooted in different social settings within ancient Israel: the family and clan, the village, the tribal group, and the kingdom. Further, he discusses the variety of Israel's views concerning the divine-polytheism, syncretism, and monotheism. Gerstenberger concludes with his reflections on how contemporary theology is informed by the biblical witness and how it must be contextual and ecumenical in order to be authentic.

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