Accounting for Non-Accountants, 10th Edition

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Accounting for Non-Accountants, 10th Edition

Accounting for Non-Accountants, 10th Edition
Kogan Page | English | 2015 | ISBN-10: 0749472812 | 392 pages | PDF | 6.84 mb

by David Horner (Author)

Now in its tenth edition, Accounting for Non Accountants provides the perfect introduction to the basics of accounting and finance.

Designed for non-specialists with little or no background in accounting, it guides readers through the maze of financial terms and accounting concepts and techniques in a meaningful and easy-to-follow style. By building up knowledge of the basics from the perspective of a sole-trader it then goes on to cover more advanced topics and different types of business organizations including manufacturing organizations and not-for profits. In addition to all the major accounting topics such as accounting standards, income statements, the balance sheet, cash flows, business costing, and working capital management, it explains how to prepare fit for purpose financial statements, describes the most common forms of budgets in action, and demonstrates the value of marginal costing in decision making.

With brand new coverage of the techniques used for the management and financial accounting, such as the wider issues associated with bookkeeping, Accounting for Non Accountants is the classic text for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of company accounts and use financial terms and concepts to make better, more informed decisions

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