Somme 1916 (Battle Story)

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Somme 1916 (Battle Story)

Andrew Robertshaw, "Somme 1916 (Battle Story)"
ISBN: 0750955651 | 2014 | EPUB | 160 pages | 1 MB

One of the bloodiest battles in military history—what happened and why

The Battle of the Somme raged from July 1 to November 18, 1916, and was one of the bloodiest fought in military history. It has come to signify for many the waste and bloodshed of World War I as hundreds of thousands of men on all sides lost their lives fighting over small gains in land. Yet, this battle also marked a turning point in the war and was witness to new methods of warfare, such as all-arms integrated attacks, with infantry units and the new Tank Corps fighting alongside each other. Complete with detailed maps and photographs, as well as fascinating facts and profiles of the leaders, this is the best introduction to this legendary battle.