Global Health: Diseases, Programs, Systems, and Policies, 3rd Edition

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Global Health: Diseases, Programs, Systems, and Policies, 3rd Edition

Global Health: Diseases, Programs, Systems, and Policies, 3rd Edition by Michael H. Merson, Robert E. Black, Anne J. Mills
2011 | ISBN: 0763785598 | English | 940 pages | PDF/EPUB | 10 MB/18 MB

Recognized as the most prestigious, comprehensive text on Global Health for GRADUATE programs in public and global health. Global Health, Third Edition (formerly titled International Public Health) brings together contributions from the world's leading authorities into a single comprehensive text. It thoroughly examines the wide range of global health challenges facing low and middle income countries today and the various approaches nations adopt to deal with them. These challenges include measurement of health status, infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, nutrition, reproductive health, global environmental health and complex emergencies. This thorough revision also explores emerging health systems, their financing, and management, and the roles of nation states, international agencies, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations in promoting health. Your students will come away with a clear understanding of how globalization is impacting on global health, and of the relationship between health and economic development., NEW to this EDITION: • Fully updated data throughout • Latest information on new global health initiatives • NEW chapter: "Social Determinants of Health" • NEW chapter: Pharmaceuticals • NEW chapter: Evaluation of Large Scale Health Programs "The uniqueness of this textbook is the sensitivity to the situation in lower income countries. It does not at any point make of the West a yard stick against which other peoples get measured. In this respect, it is a step forward towards positive globalism…" ―Manuscript reviewer from the University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health Instructor Resources: Sample Syllabus, Test Bank, and PowerPoints Instructor resources developed by Sarita Bhalotra, MD, PhD, The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University