Transportation Land Use, Planning, and Air Quality

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Transportation Land Use, Planning, and Air Quality

Srinivas Pulugurtha, Robert O'Loughin & Shauna Hallmark, "Transportation Land Use, Planning, and Air Quality"
2008 | pages: 453 | ISBN: 0784409609 | PDF | 7,1 mb

Transportation Land-Use Planning and Air Quality Conference 2007 contains 40 papers presented at the conference held from July 9-11, 2008 in Orlando, Florida. These papers address important issues in the field of transportation planning, land-use, and air quality, as well as the latest developments and innovative practices. This proceedings will be valuable to engineers, researchers, and planners.Topics discussed include: Community Visioning and Design; Impacts Due to Development; Transportation Modeling and Local Transportation Issues; Congestion, Reliability, and Prioritization for Transportation Planning; Transit Innovations; Transit and Air Quality; Integrating Transportation, Land Use and Air Quality; Environmental Impacts of Freight; Mobile Source Air Toxics; Particulate Matter; Emissions and Noise Control Strategies; Electric Vehicles, Diesel and Alternative Fuels; and, Climate Change.

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