Computing in Civil Engineering

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Computing in Civil Engineering

R. Raymond Issa, Ian Flood, "Computing in Civil Engineering"
2012 | pages: 673 | ISBN: 0784412340 | PDF | 22,1 mb

This collection contains 81 peer-reviewed papers that offer the best and latest in contemporary research on the practical challenges, as well as areas of technological growth and development, of computing in civil engineering. Contributors from around the world examine such topics as: novel engineering, construction, and management technologies; design, engineering, and analysis; sustainable and resilient infrastructure; and cutting-edge developments. applications of ontology and semantics; data modeling management and mining; decision support systems; education and training; multiagent systems; 4D/5D/nD mod, visual, and sim; building information modeling; automated approaches in construction; data acquisition and storage; infrastructure monitoring and maintenance; sensor networks and instrumentation; ICT in facilities management; and sustainable building and construction. This book will be valuable to professionals and researchers who are interested in computing in a wide range of civil engineering disciplines.

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