Guerrilla P.R. Wired (Audiobook)

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Guerrilla P.R. Wired (Audiobook)

Guerrilla P.R. Wired (Audiobook) By Michael Levine, read by Lloyd James
Unabridged edition 2002 | 11 hours and 34 mins | ISBN: 0786194251 | MP3 64 kbps | 333 MB

The author of a widely used public relations guide applies his supercharged marketing wisdom to the Web-based world. Public relations is about crafting the right message, getting it to the right audience, and making it energize people to get involved with your business. This work focuses on creating relationships in a Web context, where language is used differently and information channels are overloaded. Getting through is key, and Levine is a master at explaining what works and why. The author's personable tone makes this audio entertaining, and the large amount of advice here is specific and well supported with vivid examples.