King Abdullah II (Major World Leaders)

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King Abdullah II (Major World Leaders)

King Abdullah II (Major World Leaders) By Heather Lehr Wagner
Publisher: Chelsea House Publications 2005 | 120 Pages | ISBN: 0791082598 | PDF | 1 MB

For months, one of the chief topics of political gossip in Jordan had been the question of who would become the next king. Ever since King Hussein left his country in the middle of 1998 to travel to the Mayo Clinic in the United States for treatment of lymphatic cancer, speculation had grown about the state of his health and about who would rule the nation after his death. It was difficult for most Jordanians to imagine their country without King Hussein as its ruler. He had been king of the Middle Eastern nation since 1952 and now, some 46 years later, his fate seemed inextricably linked with the fate of the land he ruled. As King Hussein endured month after month of grueling chemotherapy treatments at the respected Mayo Clinic’s location in Rochester, Minnesota, his people wondered when—and if—he would be coming home.
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