Integral Transforms for Engineers (Repost)

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Integral Transforms for Engineers (Repost)

Larry C. Andrews, Bhimsen K. Shivamoggi, "Integral Transforms for Engineers"
English | 1999 | ISBN: 0819432326 | PDF | pages: 365 | 9,5 mb

Integral transform methods provide effective ways to solve a variety of problems arising in the engineering, optical, and physical sciences. Suitable as a self-study for practicing engineers and applied mathematicians and as a textbook in graduate-level courses in optics, engineering sciences, physics, and mathematics.

- Preface
- Introduction
- Special Functions
- Fourier Integrals and Fourier Transforms
- Applications Involving Fourier Transforms
- The Laplace Transformation
- Applications Involving Laplace Transforms
- The Mellin Transform
- The Hankel Transform
- Finite Transforms
- Discrete Transforms
- Bibliography
- Appendix A: Review of Complex Variables
- Appendix B: Table of Fourier Transforms
- Appendix c: Table of Laplace Transforms
- Index

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