Academic Leadership in Nursing

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Academic Leadership in Nursing

Academic Leadership in Nursing: Effective Strategies for Aspiring Faculty and Leaders
Springer | English | 2018 | ISBN-10: 0826134521 | 292 pages | PDF | 3.29 MB

by Leslie Neal-Boylan (Author), Dr. Sharron E. Guillett (Author), Dr. Chappy Sharon (Author)

This is the first resource to compare the experiences of nursing academic leaders among public, private, and for-profit institutions for nurse educators of all experience levels and ambitions. While most nursing faculty and administrators looking for new professional opportunities often use salary, geographic location, and even school reputation to inform their choice, the importance of culture and organizational structure cannot be overstated. The information and advice in this text addresses misconceptions and myths about all three types of organizations to enable readers to thrive in their chosen institution.

Written for instructors looking to expand leadership skills within their teaching roles, those seeking more formal leadership positions, and novice academic leaders, this text delivers a first-hand perspective on what it takes to be a faculty member and nurse academic administrator across three different academic settings―public, private, and for-profit―and provides an in-depth understanding of the key differences among them. Chapters offer concrete tips and suggestions for applying to and working in different types of institutions, and candidly discuss “things I wish I had known” and “lessons learned.” The advice in this text discusses specific strategies for each academic setting, covering the nuances of fundraising and advancement, marketing and public relations, recruitment of qualified and diverse faculty, budgeting and allocation of resources, and other topics to promote an informed decision when seeking a career path that is a good fit and a job that provides overall satisfaction.

Key Features

Describes both the specifics and the nuances of requisite faculty leadership skills in public, private, and for-profit/career school settings―the first book to do so
Written by three experienced deans of nursing who offer concrete tips and reveal the secrets of successful academic leadership for informed decision making
Includes candid author commentary regarding “things I wish I had known” and “lessons learned”
Designed for instructors who wish to expand leadership skills within their teaching roles, those who seek administrative positions, and those who are new to academic leadership
Written in an accessible style for faculty at all levels of experience