Jain Food: Compasionate and Healthy Eating

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Jain Food: Compasionate and Healthy Eating

Manoj Jain, Laxmi Jain & Tarla Dalal "Jain Food: Compasionate and Healthy Eating"
MJain | English | 2005-12-01 | ISBN: 0977317803 | 80 pages | PDF | 1,3 MB

Ahimsa, popularly known as nonviolence, is also translated to mean love. It enjoins on people to be imbued with compassion and respect for all. This book is about compassionate eating and nourishing recipes. Arun Gandhi, Founder and President, M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence; grandson of Mahatma Gandhi –

The Jain diet is wholesome, nutritious and healthy. Jainism has contributed tremendously to the cause of compassion and nonviolence in the world today. This book is another example of how Jains throughout the world continue to practice their compassion for all life. Deepak Chopra, Author and Founder of Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California –

Jain Food, Compassionate And Healthy Eating
Inside Cover
Title Page
What Is Jainism?
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1
The Spiritual Journey
Eleven Spiritual Steps
Eleven Steps To Spiritual Progress - Pratimas
Vows For Laypersons
Twelve Vows Of Layperson
Chapter 2
Vegetarianism And Nonviolence On A Continuum
Level One: Limit The Types Of Food
Level Two: Abstain From Food - Fasting
Six External Austerities
Additional Austerities
Level Three: Limiting The Preparations Of Food
Chapter 3
Purity Of Food And Water
Daytime Eating
Filtering Water
Food Preservation
Chapter 4
Food Of Jain Ascetics
Digambara Tradition
Svetambara Tradition
Chapter 5
Jain Festival Food
Mahavira Jayanti
Paryushan Maha Parva
Minor Festivals
Ayambil Oli
Astanika Parv
Gyan Panchmi
Mauna Gyaras
Special Days
Jain Food Pyramid
Chapter 6
Jain Food: Healthy & Nutritious
Jain Food Pyramid
Grains: Bread, Cereal, Rice, And Pasta Group
Vegetable Group
Fruit Group
Legumes And Nuts/seeds Group
Milk And Dairy Group
Fats And Oil Group
Jain Food And Prevention Of Disease
Life Span
Heart Disease
Cholesterol Level And Diet
Blood Pressure Level And Diet
Obesity And Weight Control
Kidney Disease And Stones
Colon Diseases
Benefits And Health Risks Of Fasting
Hidden Fats And Salts In The Jain/indian Diet
Chapter 7
Contemporary Food Choices
Ahimsa, Nonviolence, In The Future Diet
Pure And Natural Foods
Foods That Create Positive Vibrations
Eating Food In A Timely Manner
Abstaining From Food As Self-control
Festivals To Experiment With New Diets
Hidden Non-vegetarian Ingredientsin Supermarket Foods
Hidden Non-vegetarian Ingredients In Restaurants Foods
Chapter 8
Recipes For Young People And First-time Cooks
Vegetables Lentils
Breads Rice
Proportions Of Spices In A Usual Vegetable Dish
Glossary Of Hindi Terms
Back Cover

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