Lessons from Great Lives: Learn To Be Rich In All Areas of Your Life

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Lessons from Great Lives: Learn To Be Rich In All Areas of Your Life

Lessons from Great Lives: Learn to Be Rich in All Areas of Your Life! by Sterling W. Sill
English | 1 Sept. 2007 | ISBN: 0977628809 | 198 Pages | MOBI | 1.22 MB

Thomas Carlyle said, Great men taken up in any way are very profitable company, for we cannot so much as look upon a great man without gaining something from him. Lessons from Great Lives will introduce you to brilliant thinkers, powerful leaders, and colorful speakers, heroes of battle, skilled artisans, persevering scientists, and inspired prophets. It is as though each one of them has engraved in gold a statement for us to see saying, This is the best of me. This is the greatest of what I saw, knew, believed, and did during my lifetime. If anything of mine is worth your memorizing and remembering, this is it. After years of intense study of the greatest minds that ever lived, Sterling W. Sill left us over 7,500 pages of notes and ideas on how to live a better life. He possessed a rare gift for simplifying and organizing huge amounts of facts which he then wrote in story form. These short stories provide indispensable illumination of the path each of us should take in order to open doors to new horizons of thought and action that can make us rich in all areas of our lives. Lessons from Great Lives is more than a book about great people; it s about knowledge, attitude, skills, habits and personality. This new edition has been revised and updated by Dan McCormick, a hugely successful entrepreneur who has witnessed the field of personal motivation and development turn its focus from traditional values to a desire for urgent riches at all costs. Ordinary men and women can become extraordinary, but not by using the latest magic formula for success concocted by self-proclaimed experts. The people whose lives are described here for your benefit commanded great armies, conquered empires, sacrificed their own lives in the pursuit of truth, and overcame obstacles of extreme magnitude. The purity of their wisdom has stood the test of time and is needed now more than at any other time in history. It may be the book that opens a field of intellectual activity and accomplishment undreamed of.