Accounting: Get Hired Without Work Experience

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Accounting: Get Hired Without Work Experience

Accounting: Get Hired Without Work Experience by Mayooran Senthilmani
2015 | ISBN: 0992869412 | English | 170 pages | EPUB | 0.2 MB

"You can't get the job without experience and you can't get the experience without the job" The Permission Paradox In this book, you will learn Basic Accounting How to identify Key Performance Indicators How to prepare cash flow forecast How to prepare budget How to implement balance scorecard How to analyse financial performance The basic Tax & VAT How to learn accounting packages and payroll How to use LinkedIn to get a job The importance of networking to get a job How to write a winning CV How to face Interviews with confidence Top 30 Interview Questions and how to answer Identify what is stopping your success and how to achieve success Learn from histories of world leaders. The powerful formula for success How to overcome procrastination How to turn defeat into victory Think big and think positive How to manage your time