Cheese For Dummies

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Cheese For Dummies

Cheese For Dummies by Culture Magazine, Laurel Miller, Thalassa Skinner, Ming Tsai
2012 | ISBN: 1118099397 | English | 408 pages | EPUB | 24 MB

An accessible guide to selecting, cooking with, and making cheese
From a pungent Gorgonzola to the creamiest Brie, the world of cheese involves a vocabulary of taste second only to wine. With the rise of artisanal cheeses, this once humble food made from curdled milk is now haute cuisine. And to make the new world of cheese less intimidating, Laurel Miller and Thalassa Skinner have created a handy primer to selecting cheese, pairing cheese with wine, cooking with cheese, and making cheese. In Cheese For Dummies, everyday cheese lovers will learn how to become true cheese connoisseurs.

Not only will readers get a look at how different cheeses are made around the world, in Cheese For Dummies, they'll develop enough of a palate to discern which cheese is right for them.

Explains how to assemble the perfect cheese plate
Includes recipes for cooking with cheese
Details how to make five cheeses, including Mozzarella, Chevre, and Ricotta
Supplemented with a 16-page photo insert
With artisanal and imported cheeses now common to mainstream grocery stores, the everyday cheese lover needs more than simply his nose to make the best choice. Offering wise (and delicious!) advice on every page, Cheese For Dummies is a guide for anyone interested in making every mealtime with cheese a special occasion.