Food Processing By-Products and their Utilization

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Food Processing By-Products and their Utilization

Anil Kumar Anal, "Food Processing By-Products and their Utilization"
English | ISBN: 1118432886 | 2018 | 592 pages | PDF | 7 MB

Food Processing By–Products and their Utilization

An in–depth look at the economic and environmental benefits that food companies can achieve―and the challenges and opportunities they may face―by utilizing food processing by–products

Food Processing By–Products and their Utilization is the first book dedicated to food processing by–products and their utilization in a broad spectrum. It provides a comprehensive overview on food processing by–products and their utilization as source of novel functional ingredients. It discusses food groups, including cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, marine, sugarcane, winery, and plantation by–products; addresses processing challenges relevant to food by–products; and delivers insight into the current state of art and emerging technologies to extract valuable phytochemicals from food processing by–products.

Food Processing By–Products and their Utilization offers in–depth chapter coverage of fruit processing by–products; the application of food by–products in medical and pharmaceutical industries; prebiotics and dietary fibers from food processing by–products; bioactive compounds and their health effects from honey processing industries; advances in milk fractionation for value addition; seafood by–products in applications of biomedicine and cosmeticuals; food industry by–products as nutrient replacements in aquaculture diets and agricultural crops; regulatory and legislative issues for food waste utilization; and much more.

The first reference text to bring together essential information on the processing technology and incorporation of by–products into various food applications
Concentrates on the challenges and opportunities for utilizing by–products, including many novel and potential uses for the by–products and waste materials generated by food processing
Focuses on the nutritional composition and biochemistry of by–products, which are key to establishing their functional health benefits as foods
Part of the "IFST Advances in Food Science" series, co–published with the Institute of Food Science and Technology (UK)
This bookserves as a comprehensive reference for students, educators, researchers, food processors, and industry personnel looking for up–to–date insight into the field. Additionally, the covered range of techniques for by–product utilization will provide engineers and scientists working in the food industry with a valuable resource for their work.