Value Investing in Asia: The Definitive Guide to Investing in Asia

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Value Investing in Asia: The Definitive Guide to Investing in Asia

Stanley Lim and Mun Hong Cheong, "Value Investing in Asia: The Definitive Guide to Investing in Asia"
English | ISBN: 1119391180 | 2017 | 296 pages | PDF | 2 MB

A practical, step–by–step guide to value investing in Asian stocks
Value Investing in Asia offers a uniquely targeted guide to investors seeking new opportunities in Asian markets. Most value investing advice is geared toward US markets, leaving out the key guidance that pertains specifically to investing in publicly listed Asian companies guidance that is critical for success. This book focuses on the opportunities and challenges of Asian markets, including current and historical case studies that illustrate various successes, risks and pitfalls. Step–by–step guidance helps you unearth great opportunities in Asia; from understanding the macroeconomic situation, to narrowing down on specific investment opportunities. Invaluable for both new and experienced investors, this practical reference shows you how to apply value investing principles specifically to Asian stocks.

Investing in Asia comes with an inherent set of unique challenges that must be understood before any decisions are made; some of these challenges are the result of operating practices, some are the result of regulatory issues and others come from the markets themselves yet regardless of the source, value investors in particular bear the brunt of the obstacles. This book shows you what you need to know, and how to invest intelligently in Asian companies.

Step–by–step approach guides investors towards the practical application of value investing principles in Asia
Navigate the challenges unique to Asian investing
Examine real–life case studies that illustrate both risk and opportunity
Delve into the key markets in Greater China and South–East Asia
Includes exclusive interviews with well–known value investors in Asia
Despite the challenges and risks, Asian markets represent significant opportunity especially for investors seeking value. Value Investing in Asia offers a practical reference for new and experienced investors, with real–world guidance toward intelligently investing in Asian markets.