Experimental Ethics: Toward an Empirical Moral Philosophy

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Experimental Ethics: Toward an Empirical Moral Philosophy

Professor Christoph Luetge, Hannes Rusch and Dr Matthias Uhl, "Experimental Ethics: Toward an Empirical Moral Philosophy"
English | ISBN: 1137409797 | 2014 | 308 pages | PDF | 3 MB

Academic philosophy has experienced a major upheaval in the last decade. Venturous young philosophers, psychologists, and economists have begun to challenge the traditional stance that philosophy is an undertaking best pursued from the safety and calm of an arm-chair. Instead, they took the gloves off and brought philosophical questions to the experimental laboratory.

This volume sets the stage for the development of a consistent theoretical framework for one of the branches of Experimental Philosophy: the empirical study of human moral reasoning, that is, Experimental Ethics.

To this end it assembles contributions from philosophers, psychologists and cognitive scientists, economists, and sociologists active in this lively and growing field of research. These elaborate and substantiated works will enable its readers to immerse themselves into Experimental Ethics' history, its current topics and future perspectives, its methodology, and the criticism it is subject to.