Learn Unity for Windows 10 Game Development [Repost]

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Learn Unity for Windows 10 Game Development [Repost]

Learn Unity for Windows 10 Game Development by Sue Blackman
English | 23 Dec. 2016 | ISBN: 1430267585 | 596 Pages | PDF/EPUB | 27 MB

Create a game for the Windows Phone market with a heavy emphasis placed on optimization and good design decisions. While doing so, you will be introduced to key Unity concepts and functionality, weigh the pros and cons of various possibilities, and gain a good working knowledge of scripting in the Unity environment using both JavaScript and C#.
Learn Unity for Windows 10 Game Development starts by exploring the Unity editor and experimenting with staple game functionality. If you are new to scripting or just new to C#, you will be able to investigate syntax, commonly used functions, and communication required to bring your ideas to life. With the book's included art assets, you will learn the ins and outs of asset choices and management while making use of Unity's 2D physics, Shuriken particle systems and Mecanim's character and state management tools.
Finally, you will bring it all together to create a multi-level game as you learn how to incorporate mobile specific functionality, test on a Windows Phone device, and others for Windows 10 and ultimately, publish your game to the Windows App Store.
What You Will Learn
Learn C# basics for Unity
Work with the Unity Editor
Manage assets
Use the Mecanim animation system and 2D features and physics