786 Tantra-Sacred Sex-Divine Love

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786 Tantra-Sacred Sex-Divine Love

786 Tantra-Sacred Sex-Divine Love: the union of opposites by Qiyamah Abdallah Salihu Sufi Ananda
English | 18 Aug. 2013 | ISBN: 1492189065 | 52 Pages | AZW3 | 344.9 KB

Tantric sex is one of the Highest ways to worship God. Only God can make love with God!!! God in me makes love with God in you. This is the tantric way. Non Duality. In unity there in only ONE being making love with SELF… Love is a flame that eye lost my self in a long time ago… Since my entrance into the flame of love, eye have not seen my self. All eye see is the Beloved. Love and Light - Sufi Ananda