The Seven Essential Skills Needed To Survive A Deadly Attack

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The Seven Essential Skills Needed To Survive A Deadly Attack

The Seven Essential Skills Needed To Survive A Deadly Attack: In The Game Of Life And Death Winning Isn't Everything It's The Only Thing
Language: English | AZW3 / EPUB | ISBN-10: 1506026516 | 2015 | 112 pages | 0.3 MB / 0.2 MB

In this book, Black Belt Hall of Fame instructor, and Tier One combatives trainer, Ernest Emerson takes you through a detailed dissection of what a human being faces when targeted by a dangerous predator in a violent, deadly, assault and what you can do to stop it, dead in its tracks.

Based on the Emerson Combat Systems premise that “Offense is Defense,” Ernest Emerson explains in detail the Seven Essential Skills you must possess in order to protect not only yourself, but also your loved ones from deadly harm.

In terms everyone can understand the author gives you the same tools, used by Special Operations Operators, CIA Officers and U.S. Navy SEALs, to become a warrior of consummate skills. Skills that go far beyond your physical training in order to train the most powerful weapon you possess, your will. Designed to support any platform of training or skill set that you are currently using, the skills in this book teach you how to take your abilities to that Tier One level of operational functionality. In very simple terms, no matter what you do, this book will give you the tools to do it better.

When you are fighting for your life, you need every possible advantage you can muster. You can’t let anything get in the way. The eighth and ninth commandments of Emerson’s Commandments of a Warrior are as follows: 8. Never do anything without a purpose 9. Never do anything that is useless. There’s no place where these words are truer than in hand-to-hand, life-and-death combat.

Each chapter addresses a different aspect of the skills you will need to stack the odds in your favor, should true evil ever come knocking at your door.

Learn the true value of gut feel, and realize that it is your best and truest friend and how you better start listening to what it is telling you.

Never underestimate the power of the will to survive and how it can be harnessed to push you past the tipping point in favor of your survival.

Learn how the, “Loss of Self” is the key to ultimate performance in the ability to fight without fear or harm. That attribute along with the strategies of purpose, means, and intent are all explained in a way that enables you to plug them in to your mindset and training and then express them physically, through your fighting ability. These are the skills and attributes that produce the Warrior Mindset and the Ferocious Resolve that will carry the day on the field of battle.

Emerson continues with a clear discussion of the concept of Moral Clarity. By defining where you stand morally and how far you will go to defend yourself and others, is an all important aspect of self-defense, combatives, and all fighting skills that is seldom, if ever, discussed by any other instructors. Emerson forces you to face the cold hard facts of deadly force so you can make an informed decision about your capacities long before you face those realities in the heat of a life-and-death struggle. You cannot be encumbered by hesitation or indecision at a time where fractions of a second can spell the difference between life and death. This book teaches you how to make those decisions before the fact and how those decisions carry the weight that will tip the balance in your favor when push comes to shove.

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