Selenium Webdriver in PHP: Beginner's Guide

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Selenium Webdriver in PHP: Beginner's Guide

Selenium Webdriver in PHP: Beginner's Guide by Mr. Paul Watson
English | ISBN: 1540672972 | 60 pages | EPUB | 2016 | 0.19 Mb

This book is for automation engineers who want to learn Selenium in PHP to automate the web applications. It is assumed that reader has basic programming skills in PHP language. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this book will help you master the skills on Selenium in PHP. The book starts with introduction of Selenium and then dives into key concepts as mentioned below. Launching browsers with Desired Capabilities, Element Identification, Assertions in Selenium in PHP, Interacting with elements in Selenium in PHP,Basic Browser window automation, Sending keys in Selenium in PHP, Synchronization in Selenium, Check if Element exists, Working with Tables using Selenium, Performing advanced actions using Selenium in PHP, Executing JavaScript in Selenium in PHP, Switching contexts, Common exceptions in Selenium, Frameworks in Selenium, Mocha – Unit testing framework,Selenium grid