Straight Talk about Your Mental Health (Repost)

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Straight Talk about Your Mental Health (Repost)

Straight Talk about Your Mental Health By James Morrison
2002 | 324 Pages | ISBN: 1572306742 , 1572307862 | PDF | 1 MB

Morrison (clinical psychiatry, Oregon Health and Science Univ.; DSM-IV Made Easy) adds to his growing list of works this effective lay readers' guide to treating mental illness. As the author reveals, many people put off getting help for fear of what their treatment may involve, the cost of treatment, of being stigmatized, and the side effects of medication. Morrison provides authoritative answers to those and many other concerns typically raised by individuals and their families, organizing the material into sections on seeking help, mental disorders, and, most important, treatment options. Morrison explains which treatments work best for which illnesses, detailing numerous drugs, including the new generation of antipsychotics. Although written for consumers, this book will also well serve professionals and students and nicely complements Daniel G. Amen's Healing the Hardware of the Soul. Highly recommended for all public libraries.