Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women (repost)

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Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women (repost)

Cheri Sicard, "Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women"
ISBN: 1580055516 | 2015 | EPUB | 232 pages | 12 MB

With figures as diverse as Sarah Silverman, The New York Times editorial board, and American voters all calling for legalization, support for marijuana is growing nationwide. Women across the US are answering the call by coming out of the “cannabis closet” in support of this female-friendly plant.

Too long associated with masculine stereotypes and stigma, the truth is that marijuana offers benefits for people of all types and ages. In fact, cannabis complements many aspects of women’s lives, and can even treat problems unique to women’s health.

In Mary Jane, expert Cheri Sicard guides you through the wonderful world of weed—dispelling myths and misinformation while suggesting how you can best incorporate marijuana into your own life. Mary Jane strips away the hype and sensationalism to give you the straight dope on the science and culture of cannabis in a fun, friendly, and frank way—like a good friend should.

Mary Jane helps women make informed decisions about marijuana, and includes a primer on the most popular varieties as well as advice on how to acquire it safely. Covering topics as diverse as cooking with cannabis and parenting responsibly, this handbook gives women the resource they need to embrace the marijuana lifestyle however they choose.