Randomised Response-Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials (repost)

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Randomised Response-Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials (repost)

Anthony C Atkinson, "Randomised Response-Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials"
English | ISBN: 1584886935 | 2013 | 339 pages | PDF | 3 MB

Randomised Response-Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials presents methods for the randomised allocation of treatments to patients in sequential clinical trials. Emphasizing the practical application of clinical trial designs, the book is designed for medical and applied statisticians, clinicians, and statisticians in training.

After introducing clinical trials in drug development, the authors assess a simple adaptive design for binary responses without covariates. They discuss randomisation and covariate balance in normally distributed responses and cover many important response-adaptive designs for binary responses. The book then develops response-adaptive designs for continuous and longitudinal responses, optimum designs with covariates, and response-adaptive designs with covariates. It also covers response-adaptive designs that are derived by optimising an objective function subject to constraints on the variance of estimated parametric functions. The concluding chapter explores future directions in the development of adaptive designs.