Psychological operations principles and case studies

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Psychological operations principles and case studies

Frank L. Goldstein, Benjamin F. Findley Jr., "Psychological operations principles and case studies"
1996 | pages: 377 | ISBN: 1585660167 | PDF | 16,9 mb

This anthology serves as a fundamental guide to Psychological Operations (PSYOP) philosophy, concepts, principles, issues, & thought for both those new to, & those experienced in, the PSYOP field & PSYOP applications. It clarifies the value of PSYOP as a cost-effective weapon & incorporates it as a psychological instrument of U.S. military & political power, especially given our present budgetary constraints. Presents diverse articles that portray the value of the planned use of human actions to influence perceptions, public opinion, attitudes, & behaviors so that PSYOP victories can be achieved in war & in peace. Although U.S. has sought to neuter the perceptions of PSYOP by re-naming the practice "MISO: Military Information Support Operations", the mission and practice remain little changed - merely adapting as necessary to new threats and actors.

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