Emerging Technologies in Agricultural Engineering

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Emerging Technologies in Agricultural Engineering

Emerging Technologies in Agricultural Engineering (Innovations in Agricultural & Biological Engineering) by Megh R. Goyal
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1771883405 | 389 pages | PDF | 43,2 MB

This book covers an array of issues on emerging agricultural engineering and technology, featuring new research and studies. The volume is broken into three parts: emerging technologies, energy management in agriculture, and management of natural resources, in which particular attention is paid to water management, a necessary consideration for successful crop production, especially in water-scarce regions.

Topics include:

alleviating drainage congestion
solar energy for agriculture
anaerobic digestion by inoculation with compost
self-propelled inter-cultivators
watershed development and management

This volume offers academia, engineers, technologists, students, and others from different disciplines information to gain knowledge on the breadth and depth of this multifaceted field of agricultural engineering. There is an urgent need to explore and investigate the current shortcomings and challenges of the current innovations and challenges.

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