Sensing Techniques for Food Safety and Quality Control

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Sensing Techniques for Food Safety and Quality Control

Sensing Techniques for Food Safety and Quality Control
RSC | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 1782626646 | 382 pages | PDF | 13.70 MB

by Xiaonan Lu (Editor, Contributor)

Providing an updated summary of the application of different types of sensors for the analysis of food safety and quality, this book discusses the core principles, current research status, challenges and successful examples for each technology. In addition, the prospective and future trends for each topic are covered in each chapter. The editor and contributors are all experts in designing and constructing different types of sensors in food analysis, mainly focusing on the determination of food safety and quality.

Sensors, as a new generation of detection technique, have many advantages and the application of sensors in food analysis will continue to grow in the next decades. However, until now, there has been no book providing the detailed characterization and summary of sensors in food safety and quality analysis that this book provides. It is vital reading for academic researchers and practising professionals in Food Science, Agricultural Engineering, Biological Systems Engineering, Food Safety, Food Quality and Food Analysis who are using sensors in their work.

….the book provides theoretical and practical assessments of the presented state-of-the-art techniques both in terms of limitations and possibilities for the future….the arrangement of the chapters and periodic repetition provides an excellent overview of the subject…Chapter 2 is one of the best chapters I have ever read in a technical book. Every chapter constitutes a worthy review for scientists from different disciplines interested in the specific techniques and food analysis applications… – Steven J Lehotay * Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry *