Water Resource Economics And Policy: An Introduction

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Water Resource Economics And Policy: An Introduction

W. Douglass Shaw, "Water Resource Economics And Policy: An Introduction"
English | 2005 | ISBN: 1843769174 | PDF | pages: 373 | 1.7 mb

Economic issues arise in almost every water policy context. Water is of most concern when scarce, but physical scarcity is often overcome as human beings move water from place to place, sometimes creating monumental structures. The role that cost and economic value play in water resource allocation is implicit, but often poorly understood. This comprehensive volume clarifies the role of economics and offers material that can be applied to water resource allocation problems around the world. Topics covered include: groundwater, floods and droughts, in situ uses of water and institutions and law. A concise introduction to issues of water quality and quantity in both urban and agricultural settings, Water Resource Economics and Policy will be a valuable resource or text for students and researchers in the fields of agricultural economics, geography, law and hydrology. Those involved in water resource agencies and private utilities will also find the book a useful reference.