German V-Weapon Sites 1943–45 (Fortress, 72)

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German V-Weapon Sites 1943–45 (Fortress, 72)

German V-Weapon Sites 1943–45 (Fortress, 72) by Steven J. Zaloga
English | January 22, 2008 | ISBN: 1846032474 | EPUB | 64 pages | 19.3 MB

Designed to change the course of the war, the V-weapons required ambitious plans to defend their expensive and complicated launch sites. Steven J Zaloga describes the configuration and planned deployment of heavy missile sites, as well as the unique Allied tactics developed to counter this threat, including a remote-control version of the B-17 bomber. Covering the V-1 ski sites, the mobile units employed for V-2 launches and other secret weapons bases like the "V-3" high-pressure gun at Mimoyeques, he reviews the impact of these weapon systems and defenses not only on World War II but also on the development of modern weaponry. This book is an excellent guide to the sites described, many of which still survive and are visited on battlefield tours.