Andrei Tarkovsky (repost)

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Andrei Tarkovsky (repost)

Sean Martin, "Andrei Tarkovsky"
Publisher: Pocket Essentials | 2005-09-01 | ISBN 1904048498 | PDF | 160 pages | 1.0 MB

Pocket Essentials is a dynamic series of books that are concise, lively, and easy to read. Packed with facts as well as expert opinions, each book has all the key information you need to know about such popular topics as film, television, cult fiction, history, and more. This book looks at the most celebrated Russian filmmaker since Eisenstein, director of the legendary Solaris—the "Soviet 2001"—and Andrei Rublev, widely regarded as being one of the greatest films of all time. Sean Martin considers the whole of Tarkovsky's oeuvre, starting with the classic student film The Steamroller and The Violin and working across his full-length films to later stage works and writings, paintings, and photographs.