Modern Trends in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (repost)

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Modern Trends in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (repost)

A. K. Haghi, "Modern Trends in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering"
English | ISBN: 1926895002 | 2011 | PDF | 179 pages | 5,2 MB

This book covers a collection of topics that reflect the diversity of modern trends in chemistry and chemical engineering. It presents leading-edge research from some of the brightest and most well known scientists from around the world.

Contributions range from new methods to novel applications of existing methods to give readers an understanding of the material and/or structural behavior of new and advanced systems. The book offers a broad scope of new research for academics, researchers, and engineering professionals, which has potential for applications in several disciplines of engineering and science.

Topics include:

Time evolution of the electronegativity and its various scales and the interrelationship between electronegativity and other periodic parameters
The starch nanocomposite and nanoparticles and its biomedical applications
The lamination of nanofiber at different temperatures
Electrospinning of chitosan (CHT) and how it can be improved by the addition of synthetic materials including carbon nanotubes (CNTs)
Smart nanofibers based on nylon 6,6/polyethylene glycol blend
Nano-biocomposites with chitosan matrix and carbon nanotubes (CNTs)
Polypyrrole-coated polyacrylonitrile electrospun nanofibers
Semi-empirical AM-1 studies on porphyrin, which include global reactivity parameters, local reactivity parameters, and atomic charge